SOTD – 1.11 – Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar


I know it has been a minute since I have posted a song. I apologize. I have been way too busy working, designing for clients, working on a master’s thesis, classes, chilling with my cool son, or my cool lady to get the opportunity to post to the blog. I haven’t even had much time to look up any music. This weekend I was determined to find something new. So, I started mining for new songs to inspire my mood and designs. I, indeed, ran across a couple diamonds and this song is one of them. So I had to immediately post it. The vibe is pretty dope as it takes Kendrick Lamar’s talents from cusp to way beyond the envelope pushed by the strong wind of his lyrics tied twisted fast rhythms on a running cadence by the beat.

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