Song of the Day – 8.4.2014


Freddie Joachim – Waves.

The song of the day for August 8th

This song was on bump pouring out the windows of my ride one this warm day in August as I pulled up to a traffic light. I looked to my left and right and the other passengers at the light all had their head’s bobbing to the song. Its smooth, mellow, and has great highs and deep lows. Its cool melody allows me to repeat it over and over again. While I continue to listen, I noticed that the jazzy open feel helped me to escape and touch into my imagination. I didn’t even notice that the light turned green. I’m impressed with Fred Joachim’s musical prowess. I have a couple other songs of his and they always make me feel free and bouncy.

  • I was concerned that all of your efforts to win me back to your site were futile, but you’ve done it and will I be forever loyal. This song kills it, could be my new favorite. Thank you.

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