Song of the Day | 8.20.2014


Lemongrass – Salon De Musique

I know surely, and without a doubt, I will mention a few other songs by Lemongrass in the Song of the Day coming in the near future. This song, for me, is what got me hooked on the band and since I first heard it I can’t get enough of their style. I can’t really classify Salon De Musique’s style or taste; it definitely escapes the repertoire of common mainstream musical dialect as it jumps around a bit as if trying to find a good comfortable spot in a seat with the rhythm. This song’s raw organic nature could hypnotize you. The strong hefty bass lows will snag your attention especially if you have a good sound system that can get strong hardness of the song while the light titillating high notes tease you to turn it up. You can’t do anything but stay mesmerized and get shuffled through its tempo changes while the track plays through, and when its done, you hit the repeat button. Well for me, that scenario depicted, often happens when this song gets played from the random shuffles on my iPhone when I drive. It’s as if I won’t get an opportunity to hear the song again so I repeat it. Next thing I know I’m at my destination and perhaps have repeated the song 20 – 30 times just taking in the beats and melodies again and again. Filmotheque, the album featuring Salon Demusique by Lemongrass is full of these dreamy escapes with breaks standing on some strong composure while simultaneously being organically rich with a genuine flavor.

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