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I Love Me Book cover Design by Sun Rhythms. The second installment for Versandra Kennebrew’s The Love Tour 2015. This dynamic series and tour featuring cutting edge and emotionally imaginative contemporary artwork by Sun Rhythms.

A great branding beginning for a new downtown Detroit Orthopedics office. This simple business card for Above and Beyond Orthopedics opens up great possibilities for this new location. It supports the new Above and Beyond Orthopedics website design as well. Both by Sun Rhythms.

Poster and Flyer advertising Anthony David coming to Detroit for an upcoming performance.

Urban Organic’s powerful upcoming performance with positive talent featuring gets a great new look for promotions. The Acoustic Cafe featuring Charity   will sure to 

I aspire to reach out as an artist to being a humanitarian in many efforts. It feels really great to produce an artwork that helps a community. Nsoroma Institute, a private school on Detroit’s East side put on a great fundraiser of astonishing entertainment. To assist, I got an opportunity to help out by producing…