J Dilla: The Inspiration


The Music

The music pouring from those headphones into my mind was always different. I was always on quest to find my next groove. The constant search of a good tempo with the strong base line, a catchy tricky rhythm, and a jazzy vibe with elegant highs perplexes me. The music I listen to is considerably rare so I get extremely excited when I find some worth sharing.

It’s not often that I hear anything similar on the local radio repeats. I think I got this way by getting the opportunity to hear some of J Dilla’s presample records. The opportunity came whenever I was around Baatin. It didn’t matter, it could on 14th street by the old high school or downtown after the shelter in the mix at the Mediterranean restaurant, or even perhaps, that opportunity I got trying to sneak my way in to the acceptance of the SV crew on McNicolous I would always hear something strong and true peering as a vibe through some speakers. The stuff that he would listen to before he chose to cut up a production was some pretty odd music, but it was really good music. J Dilla’s Bjork, Bossa Nova, and eclectic electronica had me spent at times. I often listen to these type of songs while I do my artwork or writing and have a collection that touches on every single genre that gets shuffled from my iPhone. Things like Groove, Old School Soul, Neo Soul, Downtempo, Jazz, House, and Conscious Hip Hop could considerably be called favorites, I guess – but I know it will change soon. My music collection is constantly growing maybe I can put DJ Sun Rhythms on my resume in the future. Many of my designs and art work reflect that open airy freedom that we desire on a day where the weather is pleasant. I attempt to have my imagery and typography reflect the mood molded by the subjective, while subtly incorporating small nuances of weather changes.

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