New LB King Building Website


The web representation of the LB King Building in downtown Detroit has a new look. The superior and elegant building is matched in style and grace by a beautiful web site by Sun Rhythms. The new site touches on the architecture, the history, its location, and the fact that there are lots of lease space available. Its a building made for comfort not specifically for the redundancy and complacency of a strict corporate atmosphere. The owners wanted the building to be comfortable for its leasers. I developed the basic HTML and JavaScript site with those basic things in mind. I wanted a contemporary feel that could be comfortable while informative and a future leaser or visitor could be comfortable at the LB King Building. Downtown Detroit architecture and history is pristine. I feel that I matched that strong and old voice of Detroit that could fit the new movers and shakers of Detroit with this contemporary website. Please visit the new LB King Building’s website at and also take a moment to visit the LB King building in person as well.