Frank D T-Shirt


Frank D’s, a barbershop located in downtown Ypsilanti is favored amongst many and very well known. I had the opportunity of doing a t-shirt for this establishment celebrating his as a business owner with growing success and appreciation for five straight years. The t-Shirt is originally designed to combine subtle elements of hip hop into a minimalist tee. The simple typographic focus allows the viewer to center on the barbershop’s logo. The Frank D shirt captures attention by the strong attitude buried in the form of the bold letters in a juxtapose fashion with the easy legibility of serif text that encircles all the visual objects. Shortly after the design the building where Frank D’s Barbershop was located was affected by a devastating blaze crippling the building’s foundation. The fire displaced the families living in the building as well as the owner Frank Dodd. Perhaps you can get one of these shirts to help with the barbershop’s repair or transition into a new location. I’m sure whatever you could do would help.

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